Do I Need to Make Reservations for a Painting Event in Nashville, TN?

We require reservations, with payment, to guarantee your seat. Are you interested in bringing a group or participating in a virtual tour? Learn how to make group reservations. Reservations can be made throughout the year during the months of April to October. You can only book one year in advance of the date you request.

If payment is not received before the due date, the reservation will be canceled and made available to the general public. It is the lessee's responsibility to confirm receipt of the sales receipt. The permit is not valid until the balance due on the sales receipt equals zero. Metro Parks requires the permit holder to carry a printed copy of the permit (sales receipt showing that payment has been made; balance equal to zero) during the course of the reservation; a permit used on a smartphone is invalid. Failure to make payment on time can result in your reservation being cancelled immediately.

It is prohibited to leave excessive garbage in a shelter after booking. Metro Parks suggests that you bring an additional broom and trash bags. Be sure to place ALL the garbage in the garbage containers, tie up the garbage bags if they are overflowing to prevent the garbage from moving around the park, and leave the shelter clean on the way out or you will be fined. In case of safety or security issues, or if another group is using the shelter upon arrival, please inform them politely that you have reserved the shelter with permission and that their allowed time is starting. If you anticipate problems, move away from the shelter and contact the Metro Park police at 615-880-3429 for help.

If you don't contact the park police immediately, call the Metropolitan Police emergency number at 615-862-8600 and let them know that you need a park police officer and they will send you one. When the park police arrive, you can talk to them about your rental. The permit holder will be responsible for reimbursing Metro for the cost of repairing damage caused directly or indirectly by the permit holder or their guests, taking into account normal wear and tear. Shelter rentals are subject to the rules and regulations of the Metro Parks and Recreation Department, based in Nashville, Tennessee. All facilities used are expected to be kept clean and tidy.

Drinking or possessing beer and alcoholic beverages, as well as selling or selling them, is prohibited. A convenience fee is added to all credit and debit card transactions processed by Metro Government. The 2.3% fare is charged by an outside company and Metro doesn't pay any part of the fare. This form should ONLY be used to submit comments about the website. If you need customer service from a Metro department, send a request to HubNashville.

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