Exploring the Creative Side of Nashville: Painting Events in Music City

Painting in Nashville is an exciting experience for any group, no matter their skill level. From free galleries to painting classes, there's something for everyone in the Music City. The Grand Lobby is a great place to start your painting journey, as it's free to enter and no reservations are necessary. The Ingram and Martin ArtQuest galleries are also free for members and guests aged 18 and under, while the Studio C Free gallery requires an entrance fee.

The Rechter Room is another great option for painting enthusiasts, as it's free to enter and all skill levels are welcome. The Frist 919 Broadway Museum of Art in Nashville, TN is also a great place to explore painting events. Admission is required but it's worth it for the amazing art on display. Aaron Grayum, who has been living in and around Nashville since he was 4 years old and has been painting professionally for the past 18 years, has won the Nashville Independent Music Award three times for his work on the Nashville independent music scene.

He sells his fine art photographic prints at art markets in and around the city. Lyn has also been involved in the Nashville art scene for many years, curating group exhibitions at the Copper Vault restaurant in Springfield and at charity events with East Side Art Stumble. Aaron paints most of his smaller landscapes outdoors and must paint very quickly to capture the light and ambience of a place. His paintings are characterized by striking lines, usually with a mixture of personified objects as a subject. Melodie graduated from the Parsons School of Design in New York in 1996 and has been working on her own for more than a decade painting windows, showrooms and commissioning projects for fashion companies such as Saks 5th Avenue, Donna Karan, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Chanel and Hermes.

Oil painting allows her free movement of the brush so that painting becomes an extension of her thoughts and intentions. Jessica's paintings have been exhibited at the Huntsville Museum of Art, Nashville International Airport, and numerous private galleries, and have been published in print and online. Nashville-based artist AJ Armstrong has also been painting themes that emerge from the canvas with high color accents, often focusing on landscapes and architecture. Whether you're looking for a fun night out or an opportunity to explore your creative side, there are plenty of painting events to choose from in Nashville. From free galleries to classes with experienced artists, you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

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